Off-Duty Sheriff Patrol


Since September 2007, the AONA has sponsored a neighborhood security patrol  
program through contracting with the Sacramento County Off-duty Sheriff’s  
Department.  A majority of the neighbors participate, and the program has proven to be  
highly successful.  The off-duty sheriffs have demonstrated conscientious, reliable, and  
concerned service for the residents of Arden Oaks.  

The program consists of permanently assigned deputies who provide seven to eight  
randomly assigned shifts each week, depending upon contributions.  During this time  
they drive through the neighborhood responding to neighbors, checking on suspicious  
activity, and if necessary, issuing traffic tickets or making arrests. Each shift is four hours  
long. Dressed in standard sheriff's uniform, the deputies drive sheriff patrol vehicles  
complete with a computer, radio, video, and weaponry.  

The patrol program is supported by a $250 semi-annual contribution from each family

residing in Arden Oaks.

The benefits of contributing to the program include:
1) The number of weekly patrols is entirely dependent upon contributions. More  
contributions provide more patrols.  
2) Access to the email address and phone number of the patrol car on duty to be  
used as needed. Non-paying residents do not have information or access.
3) The ability to request vacation or absence checks by phone or email. Upon  
request, the deputies will walk around your property, check for any problems,  
and call you or your designee if any problem is noted.
4) Email alerts of any problems, crimes committed or arrests that we hear about in  
Arden Oaks.
5) Inclusion of your residence on the list provided to the deputies. Except in  
emergency, these are the people and places supported by the patrol.
​6) Peace of mind knowing that you are doing something extra to protect your family
and property.

If you choose to contribute to the Off-Duty Program, print the page below and mail with your contribution.



AONA Off-Duty Sheriff Patrol  


Billing periods are twice a year,  

from January 1 through June 30  

and from July 1 through December 31.  

If you are joining in the middle of a billing cycle,  

please feel free to pro-rate the amount. 

Include emails of all those who wish to be notified about security issues.