Frequently Asked Question about AONA Security Program


If a new deputy is assigned to Arden Oaks, how will he know what to do?
When a deputy starts his patrol shift, he/she will pickup a patrol pouch at the Marconi office. This will contain a cell phone (provided by Arden Oak and to be used only for us), protocols for the patrol, site map and suggested patrol routes, logs for sign in/out and incident reports, etc.


It seems like 3 - 4 hours per day is not a lot of patrol time.
How many times a year do you see a Sheriff's patrol car cruising by your house? If you're like most of us, you can count the times on the fingers of one hand. With our off-duty program, you could expect to see the patrol that many times a week. At lot more if you want to sit out and watch when you know they are patrolling.


With our own patrol, won't the Sheriff reduce the patrols we currently have?
The Sheriff's department is currently a "reactive" force. They currently seldom, if ever, patrol Arden Oaks. Having our own patrol will not take away anything because there's little to take away.


Aren't the deputies always being called away for other emergencies in our area?
That is old news - the way the program worked many years ago. Currently, officer's can only be called off their patrol site in an extreme emergency - to support a fellow officer in a life threatening situation. This has been verified, not only with the person who runs the off-duty program, but by 2 members of the sheriff's department who live in Arden Oaks. Deputies can actually get in trouble with the Sheriff's Department if they leave their off-duty patrol area without a very good reason.


How do I let the officer know I will be gone on vacation? Will they make an extra effort to check out my property when I am gone?
If you are a paying resident, you will be given the deputies cell phone number which he/she will carry when on patrol in Arden Oaks. You can talk to the deputy directly if you call during patrol hours (which you will know) or can leave a message. Protocol for the deputies will require them to record vacation dates for those who call (on a log provided in the patrol pouch) and to give special attention to those residences during those dates.


Who do I call during an emergency when the deputies are not patrolling?
Whether the deputy is patrolling or not, in an emergency you should always call 911. If you know the deputy is patrolling, you might also try calling the cell number provided. For normal police issues (break-ins, noise, traffic, etc.) you should call the sheriff's line for non-emergencies - 916-874-5115 when the deputy is not on patrol.


Won't the "bad guys" get to know the patrol hours and avoid those time?
Patrol times will change daily, weekly and monthly. Patrol times will be all over the map so no one will have any ideas when a patrol will start or stop (except those paying residents who get the monthly email) and the sheriff department


I understand that the program cost so much because the deputies are getting paid time and a half for working the patrol shifts.
Not true. The deputies are paid straight time plus a 10% incentive.


I pay taxes for the Sheriff's department, why do I have to pay more to get the service I should be getting anyway.
The Sheriff's department will use their resources where THEY think the resourses should be used. With this rather small "tax", YOU get to decide where this resource is being used.


If you have any questions not shown here, please send them to  and we will add them to our list.